Important Notices

AS and A Levels

Welcome to AS and A Levels

AS and A levels is the stage which provides education after the secondary phase as the students are prepared for the adult world.

The curriculum sets a global standard for education and is recognised by universities and employers worldwide which is a pathfinder for our students in leading universities every year. The diverse Cambridge curriculum prepares students for citizenship in a democratic, multicultural society. This section at Noor Al Khaleej continues to focus on the intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of students encouraging them to be themselves, showing tolerance and respect for the rights of others and appreciating the differences. Students take responsibility for their own actions and conduct and continue to develop their leadership skills.

Noor Al Khaleej cradles a vibrant and exciting learning environment, alive with opportunities, made possible by our team of dedicated and passionate teachers. The teachers are committed to implementing our learning program in a creative, inspiring and relevant manner ensuring that our students experience success and support. Teachers in this phase act as facilitators. They encourage students to be self-motivated and to take responsibility for their own learning through projects and self-study assignments and promote efficient organisational and time man-agement skills. The teachers assist the students in developing their ability to under-stand concepts, investigate resources, access and distil pertinent information and draw their own conclusions.

NAKIS is an institution with a difference where our student’s ideas and involvement are encouraged, their creative and cultural talents especially relevant to Qatar, are nurtured, academic skills and knowledge are integrated and implemented and above all individual strengths and passions are celebrated. Educational Technology like using Microsoft 365 for Education, are integrated into lessons with the emphasis on computer literacy skills, content creation, collaboration and digital citizenship.

In short, at this senior stage students are encouraged to lead our Student Leadership programs, in particular, the Mock United Nations and our Qatar Charity activities. Our students develop the skills they require to be lifelong learners and contributing members of society.