Important Notices


Statements and Objectives


To provide and preserve the highest standards of excellence in quality education.


To provide students with opportunities to pursue excellence in education in a multi-cultural environment where they learn universally accepted values and norms that will assist them to become confident, global citizens.

Objectives of Noor Al Khaleej

The objective of the school is to provide quality education of an international standard to children of various nationalities. The harmonious co-existence of the children of different nationalities and cultures enables the school to promote effective international understanding by providing them with opportunities to mutually share universally accepted values, ideas, cultural norms, traditions, beliefs, customs etc. and develop a sense of unity among them.

Main objectives of Noor Al Khaleej are

  • To provide an international multicultural school setting with English language instruction by highly qualified staff members who are able to meet the educational, social, emotional and personal growth needs of students.
  • To provide a curriculum and pedagogy for students leading to completion of the IGCSE and the Cambridge International Examinations AS, A Levels in preparation for university entrance.
  • To provide students with a variety of athletic, cultural, social and artistic activities beyond regular academic pursuits.
  • To provide students with opportunities to develop leadership skills and to become confident global citizens.
  • To provide a safe comfortable learning environment in facilities equipped with modern educational technology.
  • To involve our stakeholders in the future growth of the school.

Learning results of Noor Al Khaleej

Academic Excellence Students will attain academic credentials recognized world-wide for university entrance in an International school setting utilizing English as the primary language of instruction. Using this approach students are required to acquire knowledge and skills, think critically, problem solve and effectively communicate in both oral and written modes.

Students at Noor Al Khaleej schools are exposed to an academically challenging British curriculum leading to the completion of the International General Certificate in Secondary Education (IGCSE) and Cambridge International Examinations AS and A Level certifications.

Character Development

Students will demonstrate responsible, respectful interpersonal skills by working with and connecting with others to build multicultural awareness and understanding stemming from their experiences studying in a school setting comprising of students and staff from many nations around the globe. Students will be exposed to experiences beyond academics which allow them to pursue their interests in the areas of athletics, fine arts, leadership and social responsibility.

Along with their intellectual development all students participate in activities which foster their social growth and understanding of various nationalities and cultures and Qatar’s importance in the world community of nations. The student discipline code and the 3P – Positive Performing People program support the development of respectful and responsible values.

Self-Motivated Learners

Students’ self-motivated, natural inquisitive investigative tendencies will be fostered to allow them to become lifelong learners.

Noor Al Khaleej provides students with opportunities to excel beyond the prescribed curriculum. Voluntary participation in scholastic, athletic, cultural activities and events related to fine arts are encouraged and supported by the school.

Cultural Awareness Students will develop an appreciation for the culture and history of Qatar and its’ growth as a leading nation in the world community. Cultural events are arranged for students to participate in and out of school to foster the appreciation of Qatar, the Arabic language and the regional culture.