Important Notices


Welcome to Primary

Primary school Year 1 to Year 6

At Noor Al Khaleej Primary classes, the joy of learning is evident in the happy and engaged children you will find here. It is a place where our children’s ideas are heard and encouraged, creative and cultural talents especially relevant to Qatar, are discovered and nurtured, academic skills and knowledge are integrated and implemented, individual strengths and passions are celebrated, confidence is gently developed and each child is highly valued.

It is a wonderfully warm, vibrant and exciting learning environment, alive with possibilities. All this is made possible by our team of dedicated and passionate teachers who are committed to implementing our learning program in a creative, inspiring and relevant manner ensuring that our children experience confidence, success, support and joy in these vital early years of their learning journey.

Learning about the world we live in is taught by means of a dynamic Cambridge based curriculum, teaching children to be socially responsible, underpinned by an understanding of the diversity of Qatar and our place in the world. We believe in the holistic development of children and so not only do we pay attention to the academic curriculum we also have a comprehensive co-curricular and character development programmes aimed at developing knowledge, skill, capabilities and the attitude of our students.

Lessons are developed to maximize teaching and learning with an emphasis on cooperative learning. Educational Technology like using Microsoft 365 for Education, is integrated into lessons with the emphasis on computer literacy skills, content creation, collaboration and digital citizenship.

Teachers follow a child-centered approach in classrooms, recognizing individual needs while encouraging pupils to take responsibility for their learning. Academic support is offered not only in class during lessons but also in support classes after school.