Important Notices


COVID & Safety

Guidelines for Parents

  1. It is essential for safety and practical purposes that parents contact details are updated if they change.
  2. School fees should be paid directly into bank.
  3. Student bags to be cleaned regularly at home.
  4. There will be no student buses.
  5. Students must not be sent to school if they are unwell. (Fever, temperature or nauseous.)
  6. Students must provide clearance certificate on return.
  7. If a student is tested and a high temperature recorded at general testing, they will be shifted to the quarantine room. The parent will be requested to fetch the student from the school immediately. (Within 30 minutes) It is recommended parents measure their child’s temperature before they leave home in the morning. A separate form will be supplied by the school nurse for rapid collection.
  8. Temperature Scanning of parents at administration office or gate only. Parents must only enter school at main entrance. Numbers will be limited, masks must be worn and the Etheraz App will be checked.

Guidelines for Students

Parents must please ensure their children are aware of the following:

  1. Students must arrive at school wearing a mask and should carry hand sanitiser. They may also bring personal hand soap and sterile wipes. Spares should be brought in case of damage. (School to have an emergency supply of masks for students who lose or damage theirs or who forget.)
  2. On arrival at school, students must proceed to the Testing Area where temperatures will be monitored.
    • If temperature is high, above 38° students will be referred to the quarantine room. There they will be re-tested and if the temperature is still high they will be sent home and not sent to the class.
    • If temperature is normal students proceed to the correct entrance doors.
  3. Students to sit in same desks daily, facing forward. Maintain same small student groups to limit cross infection.
  4. No parents, drivers or adults will be allowed to accompany students beyond testing station.
  5. Students should not borrow stationery from other students.
  6. Students must be made aware of the distance between desks increased. Look for markers.
  7. No combined Assemblies and gatherings. All school trips cancelled.
  8. Social distancing strategies as according to Ministry of Health guidelines.
    • No gathering of large groups.
    • Distance of 2m between students in lines.